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Poor Richard

The Treasury Department has a lot of printing to do to keep up with the growing national debt, and in the course of printing warehouses full of new money they sometimes run into a snag. It seems a substantial number of recently printed hundred dollar bills have a vertical crease, and when you pull the sides of the bill the crease unfolds, leaving a blank space in the center of the bill. Does Ben Franklin deserve such treatment? The government spent 120 million dollars producing bills it cannot use. But all they have to do is say if you get a hundred dollar bill with only half of Franklin’s face, it’s a fifty.



Ben Franklin was a printer

His Almanac was neat

He printed many documents

That never had a pleat

Now comes along Obama’s crew

Just screwing up the place

Producing hundred dollar bills

With half of Franklin’s face

But Franklin doesn’t give a damn

He knows his place is sure

He knows Obama’s face on bills

Will come just after Gore