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Proposition 8

In California a Democrat appointed Federal judge named Vaughn Walker has ruled that his one vote outweighs the millions of votes of people who disagree with him on the subject of gay marriage. The judge has ruled that Proposition 8, calling for marriage to be defined as a union between one man and one woman, passed by the California legislature and the people of California and upheld by the California Supreme Court, is irrational and has no societal benefit. So that is where we are. One supremely liberal and some say homosexual judge can overturn the will of the people at a whim. We no longer have rule by the people through their elected representatives, and have not had such a society for a long time. We are ruled by a non-elected judiciary, and have been for the last fifty or sixty years. Elections matter. Vote Democrat and you get judges like Vaughn Walker, who believe deep in their beings, that they know best. It matters not that implementation of the ruling has been delayed. What matters is that this is just another example of judicial arrogance.



It matters not the Golden State

Supreme Court ruled one way

You simply find a federal judge

Who likes things nice and gay

The courts are not like they once were

Arbiters of the law

Today they rule their leftist views

Their partisanship raw

The left has truly left its mark

The law is what they say

The constitution was all right

But it has seen its day

The country once had solemn faith

That law would be upheld

Today the law is leftist law

The doomsday bell has knelled