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A Cloud On The Horizon

Iran proceeds apace toward nuclear weapons, despite their avowed purpose of killing all the Jews in Israel. Isreal, meanwhile, is keeping a watchful eye on Iran, and no doubt has plans in place, for they will not sit idly by and allow Iran to incinerate them. Obama thinks he can sweet talk the Mullahs into abandoning their dreams, and Russia and China are actively helping Iran get their bomb. There is a cloud on the horizon, and it is shaped like a mushroom.



A cloud on the horizon

No bigger than a fist

Drifting slowly with the wind

Advancing through the mist

The darkness hovers overhead

A darkness deep at noon

And dread and death are seen to be

Upon us very soon

The dark once lit by fearsome flash

Of physics gone awry

Will quickly see the fiery sun

Of Mars light up the sky

And clouds on the horizon shaped

Like mushrooms will abound

As tremors shake the firmament

And fissures rend the ground

Behold the wrath of God they cry

Why has He done us thus

And weeping women keen and sob

It wasn’t Him, it’s us


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