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Distant Drums

Events in Egypt bode ill for the United States and the rest of the civilized world, for the removal of Mubarak will usher in the inevitable takeover by the fanatical Islamists, and when that happens, when Egypt is allied with Iran and Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia will soon follow. And then it will be war or surrender to oil blackmail for the West, and war or surrender to the Holocaust for Israel. And all the while President Obama and the Secretary of State issue platitudes.  



Softly, in the distance, so far and yet so near

The warm and gentle breezes grow in strength

And slip ever so quietly to our unhearing ear

And swirl around unheeded until, at last, at length

The built on sand foundation of our policy gives way

And the house of cards comes tumbling to the ground

The president still claims he cannot feel the slightest sway

And denies his policy is quite unsound

The wafting gentle breezes now climb up the Beaufort scale

And kingdoms and dictators fall apace

And wind-borne chaos whips the sand of time into a gale

And all in danger scurry for a place

Of quiet harbor safety till the storm blows itself out

They cry to Washington to ease their fears

But Washington is busy, turning deaf ears to the shout

Though many have predicted this for years


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