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Down The Memory Hole

We are now a month past the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, and it is clear the events of 11 September 2001 are fast disappearing down the memory hole. Will that day be remembered at all ten, fifty, a hundred years from now? Just the other day I had the privilege of traveling to the future, to the year 2111 to be precise. I spoke to a forty-something man named Eloi who had just graduated with honors from a prestigious Ivy League university, and asked him what was now thought about the events of September 11, 2001.



He looked at me with puzzled frown

And said, as moments lapsed

Was that the day some stuff came down?

A building fell, collapsed?

It happened often then, I’m told

As engineers were not

So good back in those days of old

Their skills were not so hot

Now take today, he said, enthused

The government sees all

A Mr. Morlock just refused

A claim, as I recall

That certain people captured planes

And did some harm one day

But Morlock says ‘twas just some Danes

Cartoonists, if you may

He smiled and said now I must run

My Imam really cares

But when he’s mad it is no fun

I’m late for Friday prayers


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Why Are We Doing This?

I am not at all certain we should be interfering in a civil war between people who cheered as three thousand Americans burned to death when the towers came down.



How many now remember well

That morning when the towers fell

And Libyans ran in the streets to cheer

They cheered the mighty Arab host

Who killed the people they hate most

And hate the very things that we hold dear

So why are we to risk our sons

To try to save the very ones

Who cheered the deaths of thousands on that day

I say we let them all get shot

And leave their bodies there to rot

And whistle Yankee Doodle as they pray


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