Tar Baby

Muslim violence and terror is not confined to Iraq and Syria, nor is the threat confined to the United States and other western countries. The Muslim terror stretches across Africa from Mali and Nigeria, to Algeria and Libya to Egypt and Gaza, to Yemen and Somalia, to Pakistan and Afghanistan and northern China. This is a war against the West wrapped up in a religious civil war between the Sunni and the Shia. Isis is a problem, al Qaeda is a problem, the Taliban are a problem, but we face far greater problems if we allow the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf to drag us into the civil war in an attempt to use the American military to save their worthless hides. We must not grab hold of the Sunni tar baby in the effort to reduce the threat from such as ISIS. We must specifically target ISIS and destroy them to show the rest of the bastards we can, but we should not, in the process, do to Assad what we did to Khadaffi. It is not our job to remove dictators. It is our job to kill Muslims who kill us.

How faint it seems, the stench of death
So very 
far away
As Muslims take the very breath
Of life from those whom they
Define as infidels who must
Be slain on God’s command
And rendered to unredeemed dust
To Allah’s fierce demand
A thousand years the Muslim wait
A thousand years and more
To strike for God and Caliphate
To bring the West to war
And they shall find that what they wish
Is not what they will get
When they become food for the fish
And see the crescent set
Another thousand years and more
As millions quickly die
They dared the western way of war
And now we say goodbye

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