Teddy The Leprechaun

One of the centerpieces of the Obama Health Care Program is a little thing called CLASS, the Community Living And Services Support program. CLASS was the brainchild of Senator Ted Kennedy, and was designed to be voluntary, with monthly premiums paid in by young people. But of course it was never implemented, and was never intended to be. So even though it was never implemented, the imaginary premiums that were to be paid in but do not exist still count as income in the Federal budget so long as the law is on the books. The sole purpose of CLASS was to make Obamacare look like it would save money to enable the Dems to vote for it. Teddy was a genius. The logic is irrefutable. If you create a program that will theoretically save 80 billion dollars and you don’t implement it, then you have reduced the debt by 80 billion dollars. And if it does get implemented and nobody voluntarily pays into the system, then our grandkids will have to pay for it. Pure genius.



Well Teddy was a leprechaun

A pot of gold on every lawn

Though when you look it’s always gone

Just some more sleight of hand

With faeries dancing in the mist

The bureaucrats prepare their list

We’re saving billions they insist

Just join the piper band

No one pays in, but that’s okay

We’ll put that off another day

Our innocent grandkids will pay

That’s how the whole thing’s planned

It matters not that we’re in debt

Or how deep in the hole we get

There ain’t a lefty we have met

Who won’t think this is grand


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