ISIS has captured the important city of Ramadi in western Anbar province, the largest province in Iraq, and American pundits are already wondering if this is another Tet, the offensive by the North Vietnamese in 1968 that was defeated in every battle, with the North Vietnamese suffering great losses, yet was a victory because it turned American opinion against the war. At the fierce battle for the important city of Hue, the US Marines reduced the flower of the North Vietnamese army to rotting corpses, but Walter Cronkite, the anchor of CBS News and the most trusted man in America, convinced President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara that the Tet offensive showed that the war was lost. The media has no such power today. Today it is Obama making every attempt to convince Cronkite that the war is lost.

The differences are stark, and yet
Ramadi may yet be a Tet
If our Barack will ISIS save
And Cronkite rolls inside his grave

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