That Crowley Girl

The rebellion of the downtrodden Republican candidates at the screaming bias of the MSM moderators during the CNBC sponsored debate has made for a one day story, and will not change a thing. No one on that CNBC panel is in the slightest abashed, nor will any paid-up member of the MSM/Democrat punditry change his ways. It was a good show, but that is all it was, a momentary blip on the screen, a shout in the darkness, a stamping of feet in frustration. It will not change until the culture changes, and the culture shows little chance of changing any time soon. Just ask Walter Cronkite or Candy Crowley

Our Uncle Walter showed us who was boss
When he declared Viet Nam war a loss
And presidents and congressmen agreed
That when the Walter spoke we all would heed
When Candy splattered Romney on the floor
The public thought it cute and nothing more
But now the tide has turned because of Cruz
And for the time at least that is good news
The MSM has had a long time ride
Determining the rising of the tide
Insisting that the rising of the sun
Occurred because of what was on Page One
Perhaps the role of pundits is now gone
Perhaps no more the Candys will they fawn
Upon the Democrats and pave their way
The skeptic says that that will be the day

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