The Ashes Of Your Fathers

I do not believe for a single moment that Angela Merkel and the EU made a risk/benefit assessment before allowing millions of military age Muslim men into their countries, given the prior violent history of Muslims invited into Europe, going back to early days when Indonesia gained independence as a result of civil war and the Dutch were expelled. On that occasion the Dutch offered asylum in the Netherlands to Indonesian Muslims who had worked for the Dutch and who feared retribution. Many Indonesian Muslims accepted the Dutch hospitality and when they were safely in Holland they demanded their rights as Muslims, holding an entire trainload of passengers as hostages until their demands were met. And we all remember Theo van Gogh being stabbed by a Muslim, who left him dead on the street with a knife and a note stuck to his chest. There was too much Muslim violence before the great wave of Muslim migration for anyone not to be aware of the grave danger unlimited Muslim immigration posed to the native peoples of Europe, yet the leftist political elites threw open the borders anyway. No, there was no risk assessment involved. I may be wrong, but I will risk a verse.

The Muslim be a cunning beast
Raised in the mur’drous Middle East
They have no sense of human rights
Since only they, by their own lights
Are human and the rest obscene
Unworthy to be even seen
With true believers of the Book
That says all others God forsook
And mandates infidels be slain
With no need even to explain
Barbarians are at the gate
They must be fought, it’s not too late
For Europe’s men from Thrace to Gaul
To stand and listen to the call
To die, with Horatius, ‘gainst all odds
For the ashes of your fathers and the temples of your gods