The Avians And The General

While the insane frenzy of toppling old statues of even older Confederate generals seems to have abated somewhat, the assault on our history by the left continues with the assault on Christopher Columbus. But make no mistake, the assault on the United States and all it stands for will not cease until leftism is dead. In the meantime, I found a statue of a minor Confederate general that escaped the attention of the crazed and frenzied. The general was calm, as was to be expected, though he did have a few things to say.

I spoke to a still standing statue
Inquiring, “General, is thatchew?”
“To which he replied, “It is I, sir,
I stand here and frankly I cry, sir.”
“For toppling your friends?” I said sadly
“I cry sir for joy,” he said gladly
“I want to get down from this perch, sir,
And charge like it was Dunkers Church, sir
For if I get down in two smidgeons
I’ll kill me a million damn pigeons!”

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