The Black Creped Bell

Incompetence is the default position of the human race. From the very beginning of this country, indeed from the beginning of history, the story of incompetence in high places is a story often told, with competence in eternally short supply. Alcibiades comes to mind, and Athens survived. General Pope comes to mind and the Union survived. We have had many mediocrities and incompetents for president, and the country has survived and even prospered. But this time it’s different. Obama is not incompetent. Obama is maliciously treasonous, and desires our destruction. Carl Bernstein, of the Washington Post, admitted, in print, many years after Watergate, that he brought down an American president in order to please his communist mother and father. Perhaps Obama’s motivation is similar; he wishes for our destruction in order to please the memory of his communist mother and father and his Muslim communist mentors. Whatever his motives, the issue of our survival as a democratic nation is growing seriously doubtful.

We’ve seen on this our continent
Vast hordes of the incompetent
From generals who threw their men away
To politicians who grew rich
By satisfying every itch
Possessed by drooling voters of the day
Incompetence is the default
Position of mankind’s gestalt
And thus the competent are rare indeed
But so far we have seen the light
In time to get things turning right
We seem to find the Man in time of need
But will we find the Man in time
To end Obama’s steady climb
Toward our destruction that’s his final goal
We’re fortunate that we’ve survived
Incompetence till O arrived
But now he’s set that black creped bell to toll

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