The Brass Ring

China’s mercantile economic policy threatens to overtake the United States in world economic leadership. And they may very well get there. The Chinese are going for the brass ring.

The Midway smelled of smoke and beer
And hot dogs crackerjack and booze
The carousel ride hid no fear
As couples boarded two by twos
Calliopes sang out the tune
As slowly spun the wooden horse
While couples circled ‘neath the moon
The carousel slowly changed course
And gliding slowly through the dark
The Midway fading in the light
The riders frightened by the bark
Of feral beasts deep in the night
Around them mirrors gleamed and glowed
Projecting images surreal
The carousel grew dim and slowed
To grinding sounds of steel on steel
The mirrors showed a Chinese face
And marching forth a billion more
To shouts that they had won the race
Now to the ears a growing roar
As on the screens a ring of brass
Shown bright and shiny in the sun
And laughing billions filled the glass
To tell the riders that the fun
Was over and that only fools
Would kick their country ‘til it’s down
And sell their freedom for paste jewels
And wade in hatred ‘till they drown