The Brightest And The Best

I spoke to President Obama the other day, one of America’s best and brightest, and even while stoned and hung over he remained one of the best and brightest. I got him upright from time to time, and during his more lucid moments he explained how he got to be one of the best and brightest.

He closed his eyes and shook his head
The effort seemed intense
He paused a moment and then said
You see, it all makes sense
I went to all the finest schools
My politics was right
I learned that most were only fools
And certainly not bright
I got good grades on every test
Professors were amazed
I climbed the mountain, reached the crest
‘Twas then that I was dazed
To find that I was all alone
The world spread out below
And all of it was mine to own
I only had to show
My face to the adoring crowd
My words were sung in chants
The people cheered me long and loud
A two way sweet romance
Elected twice by margins great
To huzzahs and to cheers
The pilot of the ship of state
The first among my peers
And here he paused and closed his eyes
And with a trembling lip
He sobbed and said and then the prize
Began at last to slip
He cried and slumped down in his chair
As quietly I left
He looked so worn just lying there
So childlike, so bereft
The meteor had spent its force
It’s flaming tail dispersed
The Marxist era far off course
The brightest now the worst

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