The Cascades

The Greek debt crisis is cascading like dominoes falling down the slopes of Mount Olympus. German voters are very unhappy that their government has voted their tax dollars to bail out a profligate bunch of people who are rioting and killing in an attempt to keep their bloated salaries and pensions that are paid for by borrowed money the Greeks never had the slightest intention of paying back. The Euro is trembling. Portugal, Spain and Italy are on the brink of Greeklike collapse, the EU central bank is scrambling to prop everything up, and the markets are betting the Eurozone is a political dream of the past. And don’t think it won’t affect the United States. The Cascades are more than mountains, the cascades are a mountain of debt that will soon come grinning with outstretched hand.  



The snow-peaked Cascades loom afar

Horizon bonded, chained

They wander not, immoveable

Majestic, God explained

But other cascades loom anear

Unchained by graft and greed

Let loose by ideology

And long time leftist creed

They threaten now to cascade down

The mountains that we’ve made

To bury us in snow and ice

Man made, snow peaked, cascade



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