The Chief Of Staff

We continue our examination of Rahm Emanuel by asking the question: Who is Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff? Or should we say, who was he, for he will shortly be leaving his post, which no one believes is voluntary. What sort of man was he? Or is he? The answer is, he’s a tough guy, a Chicago guy, a guy who gets things done by the artful twisting of arms, by threats and coercion, or even sweet persuasion if that is what it takes. Of course with Rahm sweet persuasion means covering the brass knuckles with a freshly laundered glove. Does a man like this go quietly? Not usually. Will he have a few choice things to say on his way out the door, or out the window as the case may be? I’m counting on it.  



The Chief of Staff

He makes me laugh

He bullies, threatens, curses

He pulls the strings

On many things

To fill Obama’s purses

The Blago tape

Leaves no escape

From favors he disburses

And all dead foes

That goodness knows

Whose bodies he disperses

But now he says

Goodbye to Prez

And what is even worse is

That up his sleeves

Before he leaves

He’ll roll out all the hearses



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