The Coming Republican Majority

Obama has ordered green cards and other documents be prepared to welcome as many as thirty-four million illegal immigrants into the country. What happens when the newly elected Republican majorities in the Senate and House agree that thirty-four million third world immigrants is a good thing? What happens if the Republicans convince themselves that they can turn those people around and guarantee themselves a permanent governing majority? If they’re wrong Republican politicians can shrug and say so we’ll lose some seats, but what will the country lose? Do they even care that the country will lose? I suspect not, so long as the Democrat majority allows them to keep their perks.

Pablo and Juanita and their children soon will make
A solid contribution to the State
As what was once the US is a big third world mistake
The GOP will chortle This is great!
These folks in future generations now they have the vote
Will see the Grand Old Party as their home
And years from now they’ll vote for us if we don’t rock the boat
And then think of the votes that we will comb
Out of the barrios and shanty towns where homeless folk
Demand that cashing checks from Dems is cruel
And yes we know that there are people think this is a joke
But wait until we get these folks in school
In meantime we enjoy our role as patriotic foes
Of policies the Democrats embrace
And if it turns out badly for us well that’s how it goes
We’ll do just fine in endless second place


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