The Confidence Of Rivers

The Issus is a river in Persia, where Alexander met and defeated a numerically superior Persian army. So confident of victory was the Persian King Darius that he took his pregnant wife to watch the fun. The Manassas was the Indian name for what later came to called Bull Run, and so confident of victory was Union General McDowell that he allowed carriages full of ladies to watch the battle. Unfortunately for McDowell and the ladies, Stonewall Jackson was there to meet them. And so the Potomac, where Obama is so confident that his genius will lead to victory that he has invited us all to watch the fun. The Issus, the Manassas, the Potomac, it is all the same. Darius and Alexander are gone, McDowell and Jackson are gone, and Obama will soon be gone, but the rivers will still be here, still flowing, all unmindful of what is happening upon their banks.

When Darius took the missus
To see the River Issus
He thought that she would witness some great fun
Just like McDowell and maties
Took carriages with ladies
To watch and cheer the boys at old Bull Run
Yes rivers breed frustration
For many a fine nation
Found that what comes in flood will soon recede
A promise of tomorrow
Will often end in sorrow
As worlds collide with no one paying heed
We’re faced with foes quite ruthless
And find Obama toothless
He talks real big while looking for a sign
That all will turn out rosy
So long as he’s real cozy
With mullahs who are naught if not malign
The broad, swift flowing river
Both taker and a giver
Gives not a thought to those upon its banks
It knows that time’s forever
That man, however clever
Will always know it owes the river thanks

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