The Dark

The United States is engulfed in a Cold Civil War that will end in darkness, with not even a false dawn to relieve the horror of what is to come. The left has won, at least for now. The Millennials generation, having been told repeatedly by their professors that the United States is evil, believe it, and now prefer socialism to capitalism. Unchecked illegal immigration is changing the culture more rapidly than Facebook or Google could ever dream. We are now a country of separate and enemy identities, each clawing for the top place at the table. The Cold Civil War was created by the left, and will not turn hot until the people with the guns decide they will not easily give up their country. Until then, the only prospect is the darkness of the grave.

There are no shadows in the dark
What can’t be seen does not exist
What once was many into one
Is now a lie all must resist
Demographics rule the tide
Culture changes left from right
The gloried past is now no more
False dawns will not replace the night
But darkness too must see an end
The Left cannot erase us all
The weathered gravestones tell the tale
Of what was lost beyond recall