The Doggie In The Manger

A manger is a sort of structure where one stores feed or fodder for livestock. President Obama, on learning that the American people have thoroughly rejected the progressive Marxist policies of his administration, has risen in fury, demanding that the winners immediately place on his desk an immigration bill acceptable to him. Obama is like a fierce dog guarding his master’s manger, but he has yet to understand that his manger and livestock are now under new management, and are now loaded on a truck for Iowa where Joni Ernst will unload the pigs one by one and make them squeal.

How fierce does that doggie in the manger
Protect what is his from all danger
He snaps and he growls
He barks and he howls
At every detectable stranger
Obama now flexes his power
Demanding that within the hour
An immigrant law
Detach from the maw
Of Congress whom he means to cower
The problems with dogs in the manger
When voters have gone for a changer
Is doggie right now
Can snap and can howl
But it’s doggie who now is in danger

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