The East India Company

It has been suggested that the military be allowed to win the wars but that the nation building should be turned over to civilian contractors, much like the British East India Company in the 19th century. An intriguing suggestion, but the British East India Company was dealing with rich old Maharajahs and not with a religious war of extermination Islam is engaged in against the West. We have not yet accepted this as fact, though most understand that it is so, deny it as they will. There is only one end to a religious war of extermination, and that is the extermination of one of the parties. At the moment only the Muslims understand this, and understanding it, prevail. What they don’t understand is that the West, specifically the United States, will not quietly and meekly acquiesce in its extermination, though acquiescence must seem inevitable to the Muslim religious warriors given the facts on the ground. They see their failures at Tour and Lepanto as temporary setbacks, and are determined to settle affairs with a weakened and weak willed West. The Muslim tide will roll in again, and they will be slaughtered, leaving the survivors to lick their wounds for another thousand years. 

We deal not with a rich old Maharajah
But Muslim zealots who will gladly die
Just for the chance to kill us as we sit there
Believing that the warning signs all lie
We choose the side that looks to be the winner
But while they kill each other they both know
The time will come when Infidels are slaughtered
And friendship with the West is just a show
But when it comes the ending will be Roman
We make a desert and we call it peace
And leave survivors shaken and despairing
To wonder if their deaths will ever cease
And yes I know some say I’m bloody minded
That we must understand why we’re all dead
But history has shown there’s but one answer
And that’s to fill their hearts with blood and dread

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