The Efficacy Of A Whiff Of Grape

During the French Revolution a young Napoleon was stationed near the palace with some cannon loaded with grapeshot, musket balls enclosed in a can, which when shot from the cannon acted like a giant shotgun. The revolutionary mob advanced upon the soldiers and Napoleon ordered his gunners to give the threatening mob a whiff of grape, which instantly dispersed the mob. Muslim migrants fleeing the hell of the Middle East demand that Europe take them in, and we are bombarded with horrific pictures of small children dead in the attempt. We react with pity, and Europe reacts with pity and acceptance of the morality and legality of the claim by the Muslims that Europe must take them in. But there is no moral or legal basis for the demand of the Muslims to be allowed into Europe if Europe does not want them. Can strangers break into your house and demand you let them live there and not only demand that you take care of them but that you must change your culture to accommodate them? The proper response is to send five or six armored divisions to Syria and clean it up, thus allowing the migrants to stay home, which they would prefer to do in the first place. But that will never happen, for Europe has forgotten the efficacy of a whiff of grape.

A Europe steeped in Marxist cant
Shakes in its boots as Muslims rant
Demanding that the Commandant
Open up the gates
They promise not to rape or loot
They promise Christians they’ll not shoot
They’ll be good Germans and to boot
They’ll leave behind their hates
They say your churches undefiled
Will never house our horses wild
Did not a manger house a child
So let us be good mates
And so it was that Europe fell
No longer heard the Sunday bell
With few survivors left to tell
How sometimes it’s the fates

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