The End Of The Constitutional Republic

Get used to it. The country is no longer a Constitutional Republic, it is a popular democracy, where the law is whatever the majority of the people say it is. The last vestige, the Electoral College, under attack for many years, will disappear in favor of the presidential winner being the candidate having the most overall popular votes. Popular democracies always tend further and further to the left until they wind up as Venezuela or worse. Popular democracy always ends in dictatorship, authoritarian or totalitarian. There are more votes at the bottom of the food chain than at the top or in the middle, and the bottom dwellers always vote for whoever gives them the most money, goods and services from the public treasury, and they tend to keep those people in power. Hugo Chavez was not an anomaly. The election of Donald Trump will only delay for a short time the transformation of the country to third world status. The election of Hillary Clinton will ensure a rubber stamp Supreme Court and complete the transformation of the United States.

The Constitution is no more, Supremes a rubber stamp
And Lady Liberty just shrugs, extinguishing her lamp
The mob, the activists in charge, the Balkans is their goal
Divide the country into groups, large numbers on the dole
Whose votes propel the country down the path long since defined
By countries as they’ve left the law and thereafter declined
Two hundred years and more we’ve stood, a beacon in the night
The Left has won, the law is moot, we now turn out the light

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