The End Of The Day, Or Just The End?

This is the first year Social Security has paid out more than it has taken in, a development the experts said would be delayed many years. But it is here. The soft underbelly of Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, are beset with debt crises that threaten the very existence of the Eurozone. Rapidly mounting and unsustainable debt in the United States is about to bring the entire world economy crashing down in smoking ruins. And the answer? Borrow more money. And so it goes, and so we go, merrily over the cliff, unless we do something about it, starting in November 2010. 



At dawn, the night sky painted pink

With rose and amber hue

The Founding Fathers had to think

The morning loved us too


The rising sun climbed in the sky

Too bright for us to view

We strode the world and we knew why

The noontime loved us too


Now sunset draws the curtain low

And sky turns dusk from blue

And sadly full well do I know

The evening saddens too


The risen sun is setting now

Some say our course is run

But patriots refuse to bow

To Diktats from the One


We’ll fly our banner high again

The lefty cretins gone

We’ll take our country back and then

A glorious new dawn



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