The Entrails Of A Bird

No one knows anything about how geopolitics works these days because the rules have changed, but the solution is obvious. The Romans never made a critical decision until after the examination of the entrails of a bird to find if the auguries were propitious. I spoke to a bird today and he said he would be happy to give his life if it would help, but cautioned that an augury depended not on the condition of the entrails but on the astuteness of the examiner in determining what the Emperor wanted to hear.

The Norks are building awesome nukes
Of 1940s fissile
To charge the foe like Mamelukes
Atop an early missile
But even so there’s danger there
With luck they might hit something
And so we surely must take care
To never do a dumb thing
Like looking off the other way
As Kim goes sabre rattling
As we believe that on this day
He’s testing a new Gatling
And so the Carl Vinson now
Near by the Nork coast loiters
And looking darn convincin’ now
To both the Times and Reuters
The president has given word
The augury’s propitious
Trump smiles and says the little bird
Says don’t get too ambitious

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