The Future Is Clear

The Democrats have created the current Hispanic invasion of the United States in the belief that they are thereby creating Democrat voters who will ensure the Democrats have a permanent governing majority. They are wrong about this. The future is clear. The two party system will be realigned due to the realignment of the Affinity Groups already underway. The Democratic Party is composed of liberal Whites, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Feminists, Greens and Homosexuals. The problem for the Democrats is that their two largest Affinity Groups, Blacks and Hispanics, are not natural allies but natural enemies, economically, culturally and racially, and Hispanics are not particularly fond of Feminists and Homosexuals either. As the Black, Feminist and Homosexual Affinity Groups gained control of the Democratic Party, the once Solid Democratic South White Affinity Group abandoned the Democratic Party and became solidly Republican. In the same way the Hispanic Affinity Group will, in the next generation or so, abandon the Democrats and vote Republican. I have consulted my friend Waltradamus, who says things will change, as they always do, and usually in ways completely unforeseen, even by him.

The power of the Throne resides
In those whose voting path decides
Who gets to sit in the big chair
In that great room that is not square

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