The Future Revealed

I take issue with the assertion that predicting the future is difficult. My friend Waltradamus has always said that predicting the future was not at all difficult, but that getting it right was problematic, though he did admit he had correctly predicted the election of a long forgotten Finnish prime minister, the attempted assassination of President McKinley, the charge of the Light Brigade, and the invention of Salvarsan, In fact, he said,

With utmost favor stars align
For those who seek the heights
By looking for the hidden sign
In shadows and at nights
The gulf between the ounce and pound
Is wider than a wall
Yet pound and ounce both make a sound
While walls make none at all
The gray mouse in his hidey hole
Who boasts of rocket lore
Will find the cat has his rice bowl
And gray ships close to shore
The Golden State will shortly find
When first you don’t secede
That there are stronger ties that bind
The grasshopper to weed