The Golden State

California, the Golden State, is on the verge of bankruptcy, brought on by the enormous greed of the teachers unions and the public employee service unions, who gouged the state for enormous pensions and perks in return for electing Democrats. And now the state hangs on the verge of financial dissolution, and what do they do? They re-elect the very people who got them into this mess in the first place. The people of California deserve whatever horrific things come their way.



The Golden State persists in schemes

That lead to chasing gold moonbeams

That lead to oversold boom dreams

Producing milk and honey

Where leprechauns spin straw to gold

And nights are warm and never cold

And lefty knights forever bold

With other peoples’ money

They never think that they be wrong

That time is short and pain is long

They laugh and sing a merry song

And everyone keeps dancing

But soon the piper must be paid

Someone will call a spade a spade

And lefty dreams will be unmade

The boil is ripe for lancing



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