The Harmony Of The Spheres

In which the Universe resonates with the sound of strings, unheard by all but the very young and the very old.

A summer night, a dreaming child
The stars alight, the evening mild
The song is heard, though not a sound
No spoken word, yet all around
The velvet strings, the golden chords
That tell of kings, and great rewards
The childhood dreams, the secret smile
The music streams, as all the while
Among the stars, the planets play
The deep voiced Mars, who bids thee stay
And listen to, the tones so bright
That glisten too, and spreads the night
With dreams of elves, and faery queens
Of book filled shelves, and magic beans
Of knights of old, and ladies fair
With hearts of gold, and flowing hair
And so to sleep, my darling one
Your soul to keep, my darling son

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