The Ichor Of The Gods

The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece did not have human blood, but a magic fluid called ichor, whose boiling point seemed to be very low since they were always threatening to destroy the Earth and all in it. I think we are at that point again, where our behavior has caused the ichor of the gods to reach the boiling point, where the gods and goddesses decide to end it all and start over.

The Gods would often bicker
Over who had better ichor
While the Goddesses looked on and often smirked
Lesser mortals suffered greatly
Keeping mansions clean and stately
For Elites who ruled but never ever worked
Life was good for those on top while
Those below cried out to stop while
Judges cried in horror to see written laws
Disobeyed in certain quarters
Causing unrest and disorders
That caused both the Gods and Goddesses to pause
And declare the world was over
As they sowed the fields with clover
And the buildings and the highways turned to dust
Showing life is just a flicker
Should it ire the Gods’ ichor
For the Gods spare not the good from the unjust

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