The mullahs are quite sincere in their desire and ultimate aim to completely destroy the hated Zionist Entity, Israel, seemingly undeterred by knowledge that Israel has hydrogen bombs and survivable means to deliver them, and any attack on Israel will be met with the full fury of the Israeli Defense Forces that wlll leave Iran a smoking ruin. But maybe that’s the mullahs’ plan. You know – Armageddon, chaos, the release of the 12th imam from the well he;s been hiding in for 1400 years, after which the world will be subjugated by Islam and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. Now that would be worth being incinerated for.

The mullahs seem to be quite deaf
To warnings that the IDF
Is far superior in fact
And if Iran sudden attacked
Would quick respond with savage force
That not Mohammed or his horse
Could save the Quds from quick defeat
Who run like rabbits in retreat
No Muslim army can withstand
The fury of the steel clad hand
Of Western armies, and the fight
Turns quickly into Muslim flight
So listen close, you who are deaf
Do not annoy the IDF