The Illusive, Elusive, Illusion

We are told from birth that the future is illusive, imaginary, illusory. And so it is. How could it be otherwise? But if the future is illusive, it is also elusive.  Nor does it follow that an elusive and illusive future is the galactic norm. It may be that in some parts of the universe the past, present and future is known, for in an infinite universe everything, however odd or unlikely, is not only probable, but certain. And then of course another word with the same root is illusion. What if everything we think is real is an illusion? What if there is no such thing as time, no such thing as reality? If all is illusion, how could we tell? In what way would it be different from what we think we see and know?


If our futures are illusive

It’s no wonder they’re elusive

Making any such allusion

To the future an illusion