The Improbable Accident

Every accident is the result of a series of improbable events, and therefore the accident itself can never be avoided. The question is, why is it still thought of as an accident?

Yes accidents will happen, said the spider to the fly
My web fair glistened with the dew and surely caught your eye
I was distracted by the sight, the fly despondent said
And now I am encased in silk and shortly to be dead
But accident it wasn’t for the reasons I shall state
I gorged myself on offal and in consequence slept late
And so while on my way to meet a colleague for some sport
I chanced upon a female of the smirking slutty sort
‘Twas then I found she was transgendered, once a lady boy
And looked upon strange heteros as some new playful toy
I got away but stumbled on a tangled bit of hair
Disguising there the entrance to some horrid bugger’s lair
Escaping once again the fate in store for all us flys
I flew to safety till I caught a sight of much surprise
A field of diamonds sharp and clear bright shining in the sun
And riches beyond dreams were mine to share with not a one
But landed I upon thy web to which you hurried hence
Thus accidents a series of improbable events
And yet, the spider thoughtful mused, an accident for sure
For had your mind been clear you would have found some lush ordure
Instead of diamonds in the sun, and ‘less I miss my  hunch
You find yourself my guest and I assume you’ll stay for lunch

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