The Indicted And The Unindicted

The Democrat/Mueller witch-hunt against President Trump has indicted a dozen or so Russians for meddling in the 2016 election by organizing rallies against both Hillary and Trump, to which no one came, posting fake news on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which no one read, and other nefarious crimes and misdemeanors, all with the unwitting aid of Americans who thought they were dealing with fellow Americans. None of these Russian efforts had the slightest effect on the election itself, but the Russian purpose of sowing discord bore fruit when the Democrats went bat guano crazy and launched a campaign to remove the fairly elected president from office. Is this the end of the witch-hunt? Don’t be silly. The Left never gives up its quest for power.

The Grand Jury’s shock indictment
Sent the Left mad with excitement
Naming Russians who polluted
Our elections and deluded
Voters in the last election
Offering a wide selection
Of fake news to make you bitter
Placed on YouTube and on Twitter
They cared not who was the winner
Or the vote count’s fat or thinner
Their one aim to sow dissention
And the Dems paid close attention
Then adopted fierce resistance
Claiming with malign insistence
Trump was not fairly elected
He was who Russians selected
To be Vlad’s next wooden dummy
Making everything quite chummy
Democrats view the indictment
Cause for more not less incitement
While those wishing for impeachment
Cry to heaven in beseechment
Russians smile in satisfaction
While the rabid leftist faction
Tear us all to rags and tatters
Reaching for what really matters
Slashing, burning and upheaval
Of all that they see as evil
All the land between the oceans
That spawned all those awful notions
Like the law and free election
For they much prefer selection
By the party of our leaders
With the rest but bottom feeders
They forget our sons in camo
Quietly stock up on ammo