The Invisible Tree

The newest thing in the insane world of modern art is the invisible painting. A blank canvas by a celebrity fetches big money. Artists are getting their invisible paintings hung in galleries, and insist that just because there is nothing on the canvas doesn’t mean they haven’t put a lot of thought and work into it. The world is run on the invisible quantum. Is the quantum god? Is there such a thing as a quantum or a quark, or is it simply a convenient term for I don’t know why it works but it does? In such a world, is it truly inconceivable that someone would pay good money for an invisible painting of a tree?

I think that I shall never see
A thing as lovely as a tree
A tree whose leaves and branches seem
To lie beyond the edge of dream
The world a canvas blank and sere
Portraying that which is not here
The tree not seen, no leaf or bark
Content to sit beside the quark
And contemplate the men who dare
To say the lovely tree’s not there

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