The Ladies Room Lounge

In England, school students are permitted to declare the gender of their choice, without the parents being notified. Thus a boy can tell the school he’s a girl, and as far as the school is concerned, he’s a girl, permitted to use the girls’ bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but if I were an English teenaged boy I would be very much tempted to take advantage of the opportunity. I probably would not have, for I had been taught never to go into the girls’ bathroom, but nobody ever said anything about the Ladies’ Lounge.


I remember the day I lost my way

And wandered by mistake

Into a gorgeous ladies’ lounge

And did a double take

Soft lighting, carpet, and soft chairs

And mirrors by the score

Embraced a room of women who

Looked up as through the door

The apparition that was I

Asked pardon for my fault

They looked away as if to say

Too bad, it’s only Walt