The Left Is Always Right

Many on the Right tend to think the Left is always wrong, but that is not the case. The Left is always correct. It is judicial activism only on the rarer than rare occasion that a court strikes down a tiny portion of the Left agenda. Dissent is always the highest form of patriotism but only when it is the Left that is dissenting.



The Left sees in a different light

They say the Right is just plain mean

They want to loosen all that’s tight

Removing all that stands between

The barbarism that still lurks

In every Lefty heart and mind

They do whatever they think works

And tell you they are being kind

To Gaia we must show respect

And everything must be bright green

So what if the country is wrecked

What matters is that we are seen

As the conservers of the wild

The pristine beauty of the earth

For that is how the Left is styled

That is how they judge their worth

They’re always right, they’re never wrong

And even if they fail they’ve won

Just follow ye their siren song

And climb the heavens to the sun



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