The Lion Of The Senate

Ted Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate, is dead of brain cancer at age 77. The eulogies from liberals and Democrats are eloquent, as is expected. Teddy Kennedy after all promoted and helped advance the march of leftism in this country. It was Ted Kennedy who turned a won battle for civil rights and an even playing field into the uneven playing field of affirmative action and the welfare state. It was Ted Kennedy who turned the country’s centuries long immigration policy from one of favoring skilled workers from the first world to favoring unskilled workers from the third world, including the right to bring in entire extended families once here. And of course there was Mary Jo Kopechne, who lost her life on Chappaquiddick bridge as brave Teddy Kennedy swam away without making the least effort to save her.  Rest in peace, Senator, if you can.



De mortuis nil nisi bonum

No matter what the crime

But if indeed you own ‘em

They’re not released by time

A crime done while drunk driving

Is crime still after all

Compounded by conniving

To cover up the fall

Into the cold dark water

With passenger inside

A mother’s loving daughter

On Teddy’s drunken ride

Oh yes he claimed his sorrow

He sobbed with feigned remorse

But that was on the morrow

The fix would run its course

The Senate’s elder lion

Was Camelot’s last fling

The last surviving scion

Of Joe the bootleg king

Who gets him now’s a mystery

Whose afterlife will own him

We’ll leave it up to history

De mortuis nil nisi bonum



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