The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

There have been several influential essays recently arguing that the United States is ruled by a left leaning ruling class, mostly Ivy Leaguers, whose world view is completely different in many ways from the world view of ordinary Americans. Others say this argument in absurd, that America has no ruling class, and even if it did, the left is so divided among itself as to be incapable of ruling anything. It’s like the little man upon the stair. Is he there or isn’t he? I submit he is there, because we see him.



I saw a man upon the stair

A smiling face and well-coiffed hair

Bearing every lefty ware

Intent on spending cupboards bare

But then again we must be fair

They do not rule but only care

Call them lefties if you dare

But the thorns of life they bear

Heavy burdened, patience rare

Breathing noble freedom’s air

Dragging sinners from their lair

Climb aboard, you’ve paid the fare

Flag draped clothing they may wear

Constitutions they may tear

We’ve seen the man upon the stair

Though some would say he isn’t there



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