The Man Who Walks Like A Bear

The old saying was that Russia was a bear that walks like a man. That has changed. Russia is now Vladimir Putin, a man who walks like a bear.

The cold north wind from Russia blows across the eastern lands
And sends great chills and shivers as it goes
We do not know what Putin wants but know where Barack stands
He stands where zephyrs and the Spring breeze blows
Cold winds do not deter the Kremlin master from his course
He knows Obama, knows he’d naught to fear
From tiny puppies in the White House claiming they’re a horse
A claim that brings loud laugher and a tear
A Putin laugh because he’s won and none can stay his hand
A tear because Obama came too late
To save the death of his and Stalin’s blessed Motherland
An undeserved and tragic final fate
But now he has the cold north winds behind him as he strides
The Near Abroad and further at his whim
The Western way of life he both despises and derides
The Russian Bear is back and it is him

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