The Mind Reels

The world is coming apart, the Middle East is in savage chaos, we have a president determined to destroy the country, and the most important news event of the century is the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlin Jenner. There are those who want to take his Olympic medals away because he was a woman, and feminists who insist the birth certificates of his children be changed to list him as one of the two mothers. But he is not a woman now, appearances to the contrary, and never was. He may very well have always been homosexual or bi-sexual, but still a biological man. Whatever his sexual orientation, he is obviously suffering from a severe mental disorder, and needed a psychiatrist more than he needed a surgeon. I can sympathize with Bruce/Caitlin for thinking he was someone else, because I once briefly thought I was Captain Marvel, a 1940s comic book superhero. Fortunately I didn’t require surgery, just a pair of red socks and a white cape.

Transgendered now is all the thing
And men are women too
And queens may choose to be a king
Who wouldn’t, wouldn’t you?
Birth records now leave spaces blank
Where once were fathers names
For every Joe and Bob and Frank
Have now become cute dames
No longer surgeons we employ
But madamegeons instead
So just be careful, little boy
With whom you take to bed

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