The Next Crusade

Throughout the Muslim world, and in particular the Arab Muslim world, with the notable exception of Kuwait, Christians of all kinds are kept in second class status, in some places unable to hold a Christian religious service without fear of death or jail. Recently the rise of fundamentalist Islam has led to outright killing of Christians just for being Christians. Murders of Christians by Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere have drawn only soft reproaches from the West, who fear that to complain more loudly will only lead to more killings. This sort of thing happened before, after the Arab conquest of Christian North Africa. The response of the West at that time was the Crusades. Is the time for another Crusade drawing near?



Step softly lest we cause them pain

To even question is not ours to gain

The Muslim has the right to hold as slave

The Christian whom we dare not think to save

Oh no we must not think to question why

Our Christian brothers are subject to die

For even speaking Allah’s sacred name

And thus to burn in hell’s eternal flame

But it was not forever thus

That Christians did forbear to make a fuss

They strapped on helm and shield and sharpened swords

They would not be the cursed Muslim’s wards

They fought them to the death their faith to keep

But now the West is slumb’ring deep in sleep

We do not know just who we are

And that is why we are a falling star


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