The Plan Is Working

Everyone is cheering at the supposed demise of Obamacare due to the catastrophic rollout and the millions of people who suddenly find themselves without insurance they thought they had. Hold the huzzahs, boys, Obamacare might not be working, but the Obama plan is working well. Obamacare was designed to fail, and when, in the very near future, it dies, the real plan takes its place. Did not Harry Reid say, not five minutes after Obamacare was passed, that it was a good first step to a Single Payer system? He did, and when the cheering stops you will find yourself and your family in the firm and loving grip of a government that cares only that you now belong to them, forever and ever.

Ingenious is the master plan
Obamacare will fail
And when the offal hits the fan
And folks begin to wail
The Dems will then rush in its place
The plan that all along
They wanted, one that’s on its face
Is law, if right or wrong
We’ll buy the single payer plan
The government decrees
Insurance built for every man
Who’s easy now to please
Because Obamacare has left
Vast numbers uninsured
And left the middle class bereft
Of hope, and thus implored
To save the elderly and sick
Obama smiles and says
I tell you boys, that sure was slick
It’s great to be the prez

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