The Plates Of Time

Is time more precious to a Mayfly who lives for a day than it is to a leatherback turtle who lives for two hundred years? Or are all lifetimes equal in length?

Time is not a passing stream
Of man and man’s events
All measured by our inner clock
In order to make sense
Tectonic plates move without cease
And seem to go so slow
We think of them in eons time
Yet how are we to know
For time is an illusion
Time is massless, tied to space
With different tempos, different times
For every different place
And so it is with man’s affairs
We see with childlike eyes
The passing seasons come and go
The stars glide through the skies
And still we think in lifetime terms
Believing all things last
Not knowing that the present
And the future are the past
The plates of time are silent, sure
A tolling of the bell
The length of time the tortoise lives
The Mayfly lives as well

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