The Precipice And The Nostrum

The country seems to many to be in imminent danger of economic and political collapse, heading for the precipice at breakneck speed, and those in charge apparently unconcerned or unknowing, while those crying for a change in course blame the inaction on the ideology of the president and/or Congress. But one cannot fault a man or country for going over the edge while clinging to a failed ideology. The current seems placid, containable, up until the time they enter the vortex, at which time forces beyond their control spin them down the raging current to the looming edge, regardless of whether they cling to their beliefs or try something new. Last desperate measures are just that, desperate and last.

And yet in distance dimly seen
The tranquil waters seem to change
The ships sail on, the captains deaf
To cries the deck chairs rearrange
The water quickens, starts to roil
And still the captains stay their course
As jagged rocks in foam and froth
Stand braced against the fierce flung force
At last the captains see their plight
The chasm edge is plain in view
And vainly try they now at last
To save their ships, themselves and crew
The current grabs them, thrusts them on
As mighty forces hold them fast
And so they die just as the lived
Betrayed by nostrums to the last

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