The Rhodes Less Traveled

Ben Rhodes was the principal advisor to President Obama during the negotiations on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, the deal that gave Iran everything it wanted up front, including permission to build nuclear weapons as soon as the deal ran out and 150 billion dollars in cash which it promptly used to fund Hezbollah, its terrorist partner in the Middle East. The deal was so one sided, so favorable to Iran, that even the Mullahs were astonished at how easily they had conned the naïve Americans. But with the current anti-Mullah, anti-government protests in Iran, the American media and the Obama sycophants are claiming that political unrest in Iran and revolution against the government was what Ben Rhodes and Barack Obama had planned for the deal to accomplish all along. Yeah, right. Any plan or deal that Obama made that turned out to favor the United States was purely accidental, and not at all desired or intended.

I think that we can all agree
That planning by Obama
Would always turn out not to be
As good as what yo’ mama
Had told you back in second grade
That tying your shoelaces
And never thinking club a spade
Would likely take you places
That being careful what you say
And being nice to others
And working hard for honest pay
And honoring your mothers
Obama scorned such good advice
For chosen Rhodes less traveled
In consequence we paid the price
When all of it unraveled

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