The Rise Of The Neo-Nazis

A Conservative party in Germany, the AfD, the Alternative fur Deutschland, whose platform was anti-Muslim immigration, shocked the German Left by winning enough seats in the Bundestag to force Chancellor Merkel to try to form a coalition government, despite the German Left casting the AfD as Nazis. How convenient for the new Nazis, the European left, to brand those they oppose as Nazis. The American Left has been very successful in branding the Conservative Right as Nazis, and we see it now in Germany, where they had real Nazis with Tiger tanks. To Leftists everywhere, to be opposed to unlimited immigration for people who want to kill you and opposed to open borders that will quickly lead to the destruction of your country and the burying of its traditions and culture, is to be a Nazi. I suggest the German Left stop to consider what it might be like if they and their Muslim friends actually see a real Nazi.

There’ve been no Nazis for a while
When was the last time you heard “Heil!”
Do you see Brownshirts in the streets
Emoji swastikas in tweets
Skies black with Bf 109s
Or infantry in long grey lines
For if you do you’d better run
You will be dead by morning sun

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