The Rolling Sands

The rolling sands stretch into time
The beckoning hills in distance wait
The sea spray flecks the beach with rime
The runner listens to his gait
Beyond the hills he knows not what
He only knows that he must go
He leaves his house, his home, his hut
And why it is he does not know
Much wearied now he claims the crest
Before him lies the promised land
In distance beckoning hills still rest
The future filled with rolling sand
He presses on still, undeterred
For duty binds him close with steel
He sees the radiance unblurred
And knows the sand and hills unreal
A testing of his faith and worth
A trial that lasts as long as he
Is bound to sky and sun and earth
And rolling sand and restless sea
The runner knows to reach his goal
He must not rest but persevere
His life is work in part or whole
And faith in what he may revere
His family, god , ancestors who
Set out the way that he must live
Who guide and teach him what to do
To give all that he has to give