The Seals Of Disapproval

Navy Seals recently captured a high value, long sought, al Qaeda bigwig, who is now suing the Seals for allegedly punching him in the face, claiming he has a split lip to prove it. In light of this monstrous brutality, the shocked and embarrassed Navy instituted court-martial proceedings, but the Seals demanded, and got, a trial in civilian court, realizing that even if they were acquitted at the court-martial their careers in the Navy were over. Only in America, and only in the current climate of guilt, self-loathing, multiculturalism, feminism and political correctness could such a thing occur. Imagine captured Nazi concentration camp guards suing our GIs for handling them roughly and having the offending GIs court-martialed. Sometimes I think we are not prepared to win, nor do we desire to. 



So how, one feels,

Can Navy Seals

Those paragons of virtue

Have such as those

Who punch a nose

While trying to just search you

I mean to say

That every day

We hear of such rude manners

From Muslim men

Who then again

Are forced to see the banners

Of western states

Fly where it grates

On Muslim pride and station

So he’s excused

He’s been abused

As well as his whole nation

So that is why

The courts must try

The miscreants who slugged him

We can’t forget

We cannot let

Go free the man who mugged him

So when we catch

A slimy batch

We should not punch or harm them

Just shoot them all

And watch them fall

Just watch but don’t alarm them

In many ways

The good guy pays

He’s done his job and duty

And now he needs

For his good deeds

To pay a lawyer’s booty



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