The See’r Sees

I spoke to Waltradamus on New Year’s Eve, a few hours before New York dropped the ball again, and he said he didn’t need a crystal ball to predict the events of 2017. Ticking them off on his chubby fingers, he said: Professors will continue to infantilize the snowflakes to the benefit of the Democrats; The pronouns he, him and his will no longer appear in the pages of the New York Times; Science will devise a way for men to become pregnant; Geezer culture will dominate the news and geezers will insist on black and white movies; Presidential news conferences will be by Twitter; and Donald Trump will move out of the White House and back to Trump Tower, with Washington DC returning to the Maryland swamp from which it arose.

I thanked him for his insights
And he smiled and said on most nights
He was oft morose and thought of darkened things
Visions came of great disasters
Millions chained to evil masters
The return of purpled Caesars and the Mings
He then frowned and said, I never
Saw the end of the endeavor
By Obama to destroy the USA
I confess I thought he’d do it
But the Hillary camp blew it
And the Leftist dream just up and went away
On the other hand, he pondered
I believe my mind had wandered
When I thought that clearer minds would then prevail
And the country would see healing
And an era of good feeling
But the Dems seem set on seeing Donald fail
Then he sighed and said, the Geezers
Just might opt to have the Caesars
Rule again and lift the Times’s pronoun ban
Then again, with snowflakes rising
The result may be surprising
And millennials elect a pregnant man
Meanwhile Donald will use Twitter
As a designated hitter
To hit long balls high and hard over the fence
Showing all who has the power
As he moves back to Trump Tower
Leaving swampland in the hands of VP Pence


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